New Hearts, New Starts

In 2013, We spent much of the year recording our fourth album, Champion of the Moon. Our most ambitious record to date.

Released in 2014, we prepared for shows with guitarist Robbie Kimzey, who was invaluable in getting those songs from our album to the stage. We ended the year saying goodbye to Robbie and taking a well needed break through the new year.

Before 2014 ended, we also parted with Anaura bassist of four years, Aaron Skiles, as he pursues his own musical journey with the release of his solo album, Bourbon Therapy.

What was supposed to be a break turned into Josh beginning the search for new Anaura members.

We are ecstatic to announce that Robert Gilligan (guitar, vocals), and Jarad Kufeldt (bass) have joined Anaura and rehearsals have begun for shows in the Spring of 2015.